How To Create A Fire Escape Plan

How To Create A Fire Escape Plan

Each year house fires destroy more than 350,000 homes. A house fire can displace the residents of the home and their families. Although no one should ever have to go through this disaster there are ways to escape in a safe manner. We’ll be breaking down how to create a fire escape plan.

What Is A Fire Escape Plan?

A fire escape plan is a strategy designed to keep everyone safe in the event of a fire. These types of plans are absolutely necessary to prevent any serious injury or death from happening. A house fire can leave a home in ruins and costs thousands of dollars in fire & smoke damage restoration.

Plan Together

The first tip in how to create a fire escape plan is to plan together. Meaning, gather everyone that lives inside the residence and sketch out a plan. Draw out a rough draft of the home or apartment and all of its rooms. If the house is a two-story home then also sketch out the second story. Then, plan out the plan as if everyone is in their own room where they’re usually at. Plan out the quickest and easiest way to get out of the home or apartment. Once a plan is created then make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s best to use windows or hallways that lead to the outside to provide the safest route possible.

Practice Your Plan

The second tip in how to create a fire escape plan is to practice your plan. Although this might seem excessive, it’s best to be prepared for any type of emergency. First, get everyone in the room they’re usually in and then start the plan. Make sure to time yourself from start to finish. If you believe you can be faster in the fire escape plan then try it again. Also, keep another fire escape route in mind in case that route might be faster. Practice this best fire escape plan at least once every six months. This will keep the fire escape plan fresh in everyone’s mind and have a home fire prevention plan.

Ensure Everyone Is Okay In A Real Emergency

In case of a real fire emergency then execute the proposed fire escape plan. If people are separated then make sure everyone leaves together. If not, then make sure everyone is okay once everyone has left. The same goes for any pets as well. If possible, then take the pets with you as you leave the premises. If someone is left inside a burning home then fight the urge to go inside. The last thing anyone wants is to have two people stuck inside a burning home. Firefighters on average take 3 to 9 minutes to respond to an emergency. Let firefighters take on the huge responsibility of going inside a burning home and evacuate anyone stuck.

Fire Escape Tips

The final tip in how to create a fire escape plan is to have home fire prevention safety measures. First, make sure that fire & carbon monoxide detectors are always functioning. Second, make sure to have one fire extinguisher inside the home. A working fire detector will alert you of a fire inside. Then, if the fire is small enough then using a fire extinguisher will prevent it from becoming a large fire.

In the event of a real fire then make sure to not inhale any smoke while leaving the premises. Second, make sure to stay low while leaving the home or apartment. Smoke will rise to the top and prevent clear visibility. Lastly, if there’s immense damage to the home or apartment then consider hiring a fire restoration company. They will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning up the home and repair the damages.