What Does Proper Mold Remediation Look Like?

What Does Proper Mold Remediation Look Like

The mold remediation process is one that can not only save your health from the toxic mold but can also help prevent future issues with mold in your home. Mold Remediation, much like any of the storm damage and water damage restoration services that we offer, is most effective when completed quickly and effectively. That requires the experience of a professional mold remediation specialist. But what exactly does mold remediation entail? You don’t have to be a mold remediation expert to know this, because we’ve broken it down for you. Here are the steps to follow for proper mold remediation.

What Is Mold Remediation?

In short, mold remediation is the process of completely eliminating mold from a property. That’s a lot easier said than done, so here’s what we do when it comes time to remedy mold damage in your home.

Repair the Water Problem

First things first, when there’s a mold problem— there’s a water problem. Whether the issue is a leaky pipe, an old water boiler, or an issue with the ceiling, water is coming into your home and causing materials (wood and drywall usually) to soak up the water and grow mold. Taking care of water damage first is important because even if you get rid of the mold, the cause of the mold is still at large and it means that you’ll be repairing the same mold issue in a few months’ time.

Isolate the Contaminated Area

Mold spores spread quickly and are often not visible to the naked eye. In order to prevent the mold from spreading through your air duct system or through your hallways, we isolate the contaminated areas of your home so that we can effectively remediate the mold issue.

Remove Contaminated Materials

We then remove any contaminated materials from your home. Sometimes this means cutting out chunks of drywall or removing floorboards that have been exposed to the mold. No worries, we’re expert home restoration specialists and we know how to remove and replace things so that your home looks as good as new.

Clean the Affected Area and Disinfect Everything

Once we have removed the big stuff, we clean and disinfect all of the surfaces. Mold can be toxic so it’s important that we disinfect and sanitize everything that may have been contaminated. This will kill any spores that may have been left behind.

Completely Dry and Restore Everything

Once we are certain that we have effectively removed all traces of mold we can begin the restoration process. We completely dry your home by bringing in large fans among other equipment. As mentioned before, we’re pros at restoring your home to the condition that it was in before the mold and this is the step where we reconstruct the parts of your home that needed to be replaced.

Mold Remediation Services Dallas

When you experience water damage, mold, or any kind of storm damage, it’s important that you act quickly in order to limit the amount of damage. That’s why here at Supreme Restoration, we offer fast, reliable, and professional mold remediation services in Dallas. With our 24/7 emergency response to all emergency mold and water damage situations, you will always be covered. Contact Supreme Restoration in Dallas, TX, today!