Take These Steps To Protect Your Home From Home Fires

Take These Steps to Protect Your Home From Home Fires

Nobody wants to imagine the horror of having all of their worldly possessions burn up in a blaze but sadly this is an all too common reality for many. Home fires occur with enough regularity that taking a few key steps to reduce your risk for house fires is not only worthwhile, but it just may save you from potential heartache as well. Take these steps from Supreme Restoration to protect your home from fires.

Smoke Detectors

These little devices are simply a nuisance to some but ask anyone who has had their life saved thanks to the warning they received from their smoke detector and they will tell you these things are absolutely lifesavers. Check your smoke detectors routinely to ensure they have working batteries and are operating in a prime and functioning state. So many homeowners fail to realize just how important checking your smoke detectors on a routine basis is!

Keep A Close Eye on Appliances

With more than half of all house fires starting in the kitchen, you must make sure your kitchen appliances are operating safely. When it’s time to get cooking, be sure your oven, stove, and any hot plates are far away from flammable items like curtains, rags, or chemicals. Don’t leave the room unattended if you can help it. And keep a fire extinguisher on hand in the kitchen in case of grease fires or other emergencies. And never put out a grease fire with water! You want to snuff out the flame depriving it of the oxygen it uses as fuel rather than trying to douse it with water which will serve to spread the fire. Outside of the kitchen, you want to make sure the laundry room is properly fire-resistant. While a laundry room seems like an odd place for fire hazards until you remember that dryer lint is flammable. Many house fires find their source in the laundry room. These high-powered appliances can overheat, especially if the vents aren’t cleared out regularly.

Be Safe

A few simple precautions may serve a huge benefit and simply being aware of the risks is a great first step. Try to keep a close eye on candles or any other source of open flame as even a small candle flame can spread and grow rapidly. Keep flammable objects away from fireplaces as embers can crawl out of the fireplace and find themselves embedded into your curtains, causing a house fire to spread in no time.

Supreme Restoration in Dallas for When Accidents Happen

If the unthinkable has occurred and your home has already suffered from a house fire, then you want to contact a fire damage restoration service like Supreme Restoration in Dallas which will come in and help get your home back into a suitable living condition in as fast a manner as possible. Our experienced and trained team can help you restore your home to the condition that it was in before the fire. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation.