When Do You Need Water Damage Restoration?

When Do You Need Water Damage Restoration

If you’re a homeowner, then you understand the importance of completing home maintenance repairs quickly so they do not snowball into bigger, more expensive problems. The same can be said for weather damage and water damage restoration. Water damage, unlike other forms of home damage, can continue to deteriorate a home long after the initial cause has been remedied. Secondary issues such as wood rot and mold can wreak havoc on your home for many years to come if left untreated. But how can you know when you need to have your home repaired by way of water damage restoration?

When You Notice Water Damage in the Walls, Floors, and Ceilings of Your Property

One of the first, and most obvious signs that you may need water damage restoration are visible signs of soaked and rotting drywall, wood, and wallpaper. Some of the most common signs of water damage are yellow and brown water spots that appear when building and home materials become soaked. When noticed early and repaired, you can prevent this water damage from turning into mold and mildew

After a Big Rain and Wind Storm

Even if you can’t visibly see any signs of water damage around your home, you may still want to have your home inspected. This is especially true following a big rainstorm where your home may have been damaged. In many cases, water damage from a leaking ceiling can go unnoticed for a while because homeowners are unaware of a leak in the roofing where water can enter the attic of your home.

When You Notice Standing Water Around Your Property

Have you noticed standing water around your home? In the basement, along the side of the house? Does the water pool and puddle in your front yard after a storm? Then your home may be at risk of experiencing water damage. Water can easily soak through the ground and damage the flooring, walls, and even the foundation of your home. It is a good idea to have your home inspected following storms and flooding in order to ensure that standing water is not an issue. One important thing to note is that standing water that is near your home may not affect your home immediately but it can weaken the foundation of your home over the next five to ten years.

Following Severely Cold Temperatures

Do you live in a part of the country that gets unnaturally cold? The recent winter storms that swept the United States have left countless homes in parts of the country that don’t typically experience extreme winters with busted pipes that cause water damage. When water lines freeze, as many did this past month, the pipe can burst leaving homes vulnerable to water damage.

Supreme Restoration Water Damage Restoration Company in Dallas, TX

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